Wilmington Head Start, Inc. is affiliated with the Office of Head Start which is part of the Administration for Children and Families and the US Department of Health and Human Services.

What is Head Start?
Head Start is a federally funded preschool program that promotes school readiness skills. The program serves three to five year old students that meet income guidelines as set forth by the federal government. Head Start utilizes a combination of educational, health, nutritional and social services to help children make progress toward their educational goals. There is a strong focus on parents as partners in education and in involvement in other aspects of the Head Start program.

What is Wilmington Head Start, Inc.?
Wilmington Head Start, Inc. is a program that has been providing services since 1984 to 3 to 5 year old children and their families who reside in Wilmington, Delaware, or whose children attend childcare within the city. The program includes 4 educational centers throughout the city that serves a total of 500 children per year. The services provided by Wilmington Head Start include education, health, disabilities, nutrition, male involvement and family services. To assist with communication and oversight of the overall program, Wilmington Head Start encourages parents participation on both the Parents Committee and the Policy Council.

Wilmington Head Start is governed by a board of directors consisting of the following individuals:

Wilmington Head Start Board of Directors

Charles Knothe, esq.  Board President
Karem Grant Policy Council Liaison
Carlos Dipres  
John McMenamin  






Gina R. Adams, Executive Director, and Susan Frederick, Comptroller, attend board meetings as ex officio members.