We at Wilmington Head Start are proud to share some of the endorsements we have received from parents.

The Wilmington Head Start program was a Godsend for my family. Even though we were facing a very difficult time financially, the Leslie Johnson Center's program opened up the opportunity for my son to receive the guidance and care he needed to begin kindergarten and beyond. The entire staff was warm, informative, and accommodating. I'm so grateful we were accepted into this program and I pray they continue to bless more families for years to come.

Antoinette Capri

For the last two years my daughter Yazmeen Benson has attended Wilmington Head Start’s Leslie A. Johnson Center. Being accepted into this program has been a blessing. Yazmeen has experienced and learned many things while attending. September Yazmeen will be attending kindergarten and through testing have found out that with the help of her teachers she is prepared for this new journey. In our two years with the center I have been acting as Parent Committee President, which has allowed me to interact with parents and assist in the planning of trips. This year I was permitted to plant flowers in front and on the side to beautify the center. While planting with the children in Yazmeen’s class other children showed interest, this was exciting for all involved. We have loved being a part of the Leslie A. Johnson center family and you all will be missed.

Mecca J. Benson

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