Children are greeted in the morning with a smile.  They enjoy a nutritional breakfast and lunch with their teachers and peers.  You will hear chatter and laughter during the meal.  While the children are enjoying their meal, they are also being taught good table manners and language skills.  After their first meal, it is time to work.

In the Discovery Area, children are learning about science.

In the Block Area, children are learning math concepts like shapes.

In the Dramatic Play Area, children are learning how to use symbols to represent real objects and real life situations.

In the Toys and Games Area, children are learning how to sort, match and count objects.

While at play outdoors, children are learning about the importance and the fun of being active.

In the Sand and Water Table, children are learning how to use cause-and-effect.

In the Library Area, children are learning about letters, increasing their vocabulary and developing storytelling abilities while reading.

In the Music and Movement Area, children are learning how to refine listening skills and how to do different body movements while at play.

In the Art Area, Children are learning how to be creative.

Children are learning about nutrition and science while doing Cooking Experiences.

On the Computers, children are learning to be computer literate and about concepts that support learning in math and literacy.

We hope this provides a little insight into the child's day in the classroom.  We try hard to make the child's day extremely fun and educational.

By the way, parents...
Because accidents do happen (toileting, spilled water, milk, etc.), we request that you send an extra set of clothing (shirt, pants, socks and underwear) for your child to keep in the classroom. Before sending, please label each article of clothing with your child’s name.

Soiled or stained clothes will be sent home in a plastic bag.  Remember to send back new clothing.