West Third Street Center


West Third Street center is the newest WHS center situated between Van Buren and Jackson Streets/ It is easily accessible to I-95. There are five classrooms each staffed with a teacher and a teacher´s assistant. The center also includes a bilingual Family Service Advocate on site. The center can accommodate 90 children.

Just like all of the Wilmington Head Start centers, this center provides nutritious meals consisting of a breakfast and lunch daily. All Wilmington Head Start meals are pork and peanut free. The menus are varied and the children are urged to try new dishes. The children will bring home the monthly menu for the parents to view. Please also see the information on Nutrition.

The teachers plan a variety of educational activities, using the Creative Curriculumas a framework. We teach them behavioral expectations in the preschool setting using the Positive Behavior Support curriculum. We participate in the University of Delaware’s Human Emotions Lab, teaching our children how to properly identify and handle their emotions through UD’s Emotions Course. The classrooms include various activity centers for the children including blocks, toys and games, art, dramatic play and computers. The computers are installed with recent educational software for prekindergarten children.

Carol Thomas is the center manager for the Elm Street center. She is also the center manager for the Market Street Center. Carol can be reached by e-mail at cnthomas@wilmheadstart.org or by telephone at 302-764-0400, ext 11.

Center Center Details Location Map
West Third Street Center Manager Carol Thomas
1021 West 3rd St. Operating Times 9:00 am - 1:30 pm / 7:00 am - 5:30 pm
Wilmington DE 302 - 691-3584 # of Students 98