We are delighted that you have chosen to enroll your child in Wilmington Head Start, Inc. We serve 500 children and our 4 centers are located in the heart of Wilmington, DE. This page will hopefully provide valuable information to help you and your child get the most of the Head Start experience.

You should become acquainted with the Wilmington Head Start, Inc. website as many of the other pages will provide valuable information for you and your child. This page has been developed to provide specific information to you, the parent.

The first thing that you should do is to make sure that you have the name, address and telephone number of the Wilmington Head Start, Inc. center that your child attends available. You should also keep the name and telephone number of your child’s Family Service Advocate (FSA) in a convenient location in case it is necessary to contact the center. The FSA is always the first person that you should contact regarding any questions or concerns about Wilmington Head Start, Inc.

We would like you to become involved with your child at the center. You are encouraged to visit anytime, but more importantly we would like you to become a frequent visitor to the monthly Parent’s Committee meetings. You automatically become a member of your child’s center Parent’s Committee. It is the purpose of this committee to help create a rich and rewarding experience for your child. Should you have any questions concerning the parent’s committee, please contact your FSA.

Child Find Screening
Every child that is enrolled in Wilmington Head Start, Inc. is screened by a local school district. This screening is done with the parent’s permission. The results of the screening are given to the parent and put in the child’s file. If there is a concern with the screening a member of the staff will contact the parent to discuss the results and options.

Child’s Progress
A parent is advised of a child’s progress via home visits, parent/teacher conferences and phone calls if necessary.

Parents are welcome to volunteer in the classroom at any time. All donations except food are acceptable.

Food Allergies
A child with food allergies is required by the Federal Regulations to have a Special Precautions form signed by their physician with the specifics of the allergic reaction and what foods can be substituted. Please note we will do everything possible to fulfill the requirements for the children to have safe and healthy meals.

Home Visits
Each family will receive home visits from the teacher and the FSA. The purpose of these visits is to get to know the family in their own environment, update the parent about the child’s progress, and help the family set goals. The teacher will do two home visits with each family during the program year and the FSA will visit at least once.

No medication will be given to a child unless the parent/guardian signs the Authorization for Medication form stating that your child must take the medication during school hours. When possible, we strongly encourage medication to be given at home before or after school hours. If this cannot occur, we ask that you please inform the child’s Teacher/ Bus Monitor that the child has medication which will need to be taken during school hours.