Whs Services

Wilmington Head Start provides many services to both the child and the family. Our core program is tailored to the needs of 3-5 year-olds and includes literacy and social skills, for the parents, parental involvement and educational opportunities. We assist parents in finding a "medical home" which is an approach to providing comprehensive primary care that forms a partnership between the child, parent and their doctor. WHS then makes sure that the child is up-to-date on all required shots and exams. For those children with special needs, we will assure they will receive all necessary services. x

Each classroom is colorful, well designed, and is equipped with age appropriate furniture, toys and computers with instructional software.  Only degreed teachers are hired and each teacher is assisted by at least one teacher assistant. A Family Service Advocate (FSA) is assigned to each classroom to help coordinate the family and child needs with the WHS organization. Our Family Fatherhood Advocate helps strengthen the role of fathers and/or involved males of WHS children.

WHS maintains a full service kitchen at its Leslie A. Johnson Center, which provides two meals per day for each child (full day students also receive an afternoon snack).

The Transportation Specialist makes certain that the buses are running on time and that there are at least two bus monitors on each bus with the proper number of child restraints.

To assist with communication and oversight of the overall program, we encourage parent participation on both the Parent Committee and the Policy Council.

And behind the scenes it's the management, administrative and facilities staff who all work together to keep the organization running smoothly , not to mention maintaining clean and comfortable classrooms for the children.|

¹The child must be three years old by August 31 of the enrolling year and cannot be more than five years old on August 31 of the enrolling year. There is an exception to this rule if the child has special needs. Please check with the Wilmington Head Start Family Service Advocate in your area.