Wilmington Head Start uses the Teaching Strategies. This is a curriculum built on a strong foundation of research and best practice in early childhood education. The Creative Curriculum provides goals for children's development and learning. Teaching staff facilitate experiences through which children will achieve these goals. The teaching teams follow the child development philosophy and practices set forth in Creative Curriculum and use the curriculum's supportive materials to assist them with planning and individualizing the curriculum.
The Creative Curriculum uses the classroom environment as a teaching tool. The classroom environment is a key instrument in enhancing learning for the children. The classroom is divided into 11 well-defined interest areas. Planning the early childhood environment involves clear goals and objectives in socio-emotional development, cognitive development, and physical development. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contac Cindy Gibbs, Education Specialist at (302) 691-3584 Ext. 17 or email or fax (302) 764-3155.