Family Services

Wilmington Head Start is a comprehensive program that works with the entire family. Each family is assigned a Family Service Advocate (FSA) who will assist them with any needs that they may encounter throughout the year. Each FSA is quite knowledgeable about local community services and agencies which may be of assistance to the family.
Additionally, the FSA is required to make at least one home visit per year. During the home visit the FSA will discuss any goals the family may have, encouraging them to develop at least one meaningful goal during the school year. The FSA will assist them in meeting this goal by providing access to local community, city, state and federal agencies that possibly may be of assistance.
Family Services is managed by the Family Partnership Specialist (FPS) who oversees and supports the activities of the FSAs. If you need help please feel free to call at (302) 762-8038 Ext. 12 or fax (302) 762-5678.