Fatherhood Initiative

The Fatherhood Initiative is intended to educate Wilmington Head Start families about the importance of having a positive male role model in their child’s life. Doing so will result in a much stronger family unit. Strong families are essential to the future of the nation. In fact, both mothers and fathers play essential roles ensuring the well-being of their children.
The community in which they live must also support changes in the lives of the fathers. Communities also must know what resources and support are available to help this effort.
The Fatherhood Initiative is there to provide Head Start fathers and involved males with the opportunities to improve their lives so that they can in turn improve the lives of their children. During this program, job readiness, literacy skills, home ownership, and money management are just a few of the needs and skills that will be addressed. Any male 18 years or older may participate in the program assuming that the participant has an interest in the well-being of a Head Start child. Participants are expected to take an active role in the parent-teacher conferences and to also have a desire to participate in various Head Start functions. This will include assisting in the classroom with their child. The program includes classroom instruction focusing on those skills and traits necessary to become a successful and meaningful part of the child’s life.
The male involvement program conducts various events during the year, such as the Male Fall Festival, a male discussion group, the Father/Daughter dance, community outreach, and various sporting events.

For more information please contact Antonio Thornton, 302 762-8038 ext. 22 or athornton@wilmheadstart.org.