Food Service

Welcome to the Wilmington Head Start Food Service Department. We are a fully equipped restaurant licensed facility that services seven educational centers. Our daily routine consists of preparing and delivering 1400 meals. The meals are prepared by 4 full-time and 1 part-time staff members. We strive to use the highest quality vendors to supply U.S.D.A. and Child Nutrition approved food items. Our vendors not only supply quality food items but keep us informed of market pricing, new food items, and dietary needs. The Head Start Performance Standards for Nutrition encourage healthy food choices. We do not serve sugar, salt or other items that do not meet U.S.D.A. regulations; this would also include the frying of foods. WHS also does not serve any pork or pork products. We ask that you do not send candy or snack items to school.  A child with allergies is required by the Federal Regulations to have a Special Precautions form signed by their physician with specifics of the allergic reaction with the child. Please note we will do everything possible to fulfill the requirements for your child to have a healthy meal.
Your child will be experiencing new food items throughout the year as we at Wilmington Head Start believe in diversity throughout the program along with making meal time a happy, learning experience.

Monthly Menus
Each month a copy of the breakfast and lunch menu will be sent home. Please look at it with your child and discuss what is going to be served. Encourage him/her to try new foods. Parents are encouraged to participate in menu planning. If you would like more information concerning our food services program at Wilmington Head Start, please do not hesitate to contact the Food Service Manager at 302-762-8038 ext. 19, or  fax 302-762-5678.